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Welcome to Intax Contracting, where we provide efficient tax solutions to IT professionals in the dynamic world of IT contracting in Ireland.


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    Our Contracting Solutions

    Umbrella PAYE

    • Ideal for short-term contracts
    • Best for those new to Contracting
    • Easy-to-use, cost-effective
    • Quick and free setup
    • Maintain PAYE tax credits
    • Class A PRSI
    • Free and Immediate Setup
    • Same Day Transfer of Funds
    • Company Insurances Included

    Umbrella Director

    • Suited for medium/long-term contracts
    • Enjoy benefits of being a Company Director
    • Easy to use, cost-effective solution
    • Quick and free setup
    • Obtain Earned Income Tax Credit
    • Class S PRSI
    • Free and Immediate Setup
    • Up to 52% Tax Relief on Pension
    • Claim Tax Relief on Business Expenses

    Personal Limited Company

    • Perfect for long-term/career contractors
    • Offers maximum financial flexibility
    • Build your professional brand
    • Dedicate an Account Manager for personalized service
    • Fully owned and controlled by you
    • Access to our online Contractor portals
    • Free Company Set Up including
    • incorporation and bank account setup
    • Manage earnings and maximize pension
    • Claim Tax Relief on any Business Expenses

    3 Simple Steps to Start Contracting


    Initial Consultation Call

    A brief call to understand the contractor’s needs.


    Detailed Follow-Up

    Providing a comprehensive email recap of the call.

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    Quick and Easy Setup

    Simplifying the registration process for a hassle-free start.

    Key Features

    Streamlined Tax Management

    Simplify your tax affairs with our expert handling.

    Tailored Consultation

    Get advice tailored to your career objectives.

    All-inclusive Financial Services

    We cover every aspect of your financial journey, from invoicing to payroll. 

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    additional benefit

    Additional Benefits

     Intax contracting can help IT contractors save the most on taxes by planning and implementing legal tax optimisation and planning strategies. This way, they can keep more of their earnings.

    IT contractors will not have to deal with the hard parts and paperwork of PAYE (Pay As You Earn) taxation because Intax will take care of withholding and reporting the tax for them.

    Intax Contracting can help IT contractors with the mortgage application process, which makes it easier for them to get homes or investment properties.

     If an IT contractor needs to move for work, Intax Contracting can help with the organising and money-related parts of moving, like finding a good place to live and keeping track of costs.

    With Intax contracting, IT contractors can get paid no matter where they are, which is helpful for people who work from home or travel a lot.

    Tax contracting may offer professional indemnity insurance or liability coverage. This protects IT contractors in case of lawsuits or claims related to their work.

    Intax contracting can help IT contractors who do not live in the United States take advantage of tax benefits or incentives that are specific to their tax situation, which can lower their overall tax liability.

    Why Choose Us

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    Our team’s expertise in IT contracting ensures that you receive the best financial advice possible.

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    Customised Services

    We offer services that are tailored to your specific contracting profile. 

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    Premium Support

    Our customer service team is always ready to answer any questions you have.

    Our Team

    irfan hameed

    Irfan Hameed


    abhijeet Mohan intax

    Abhijeet mOHAN

    Financial Accountant

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    JodiE KELLY

    Media Admin & Customer Service

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    Irfan Hameed

    Financial Analyst

    laura butler

    Laura bUTLER

    Business Advisor

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    Visal jOSE

    Trainee Accountant

    Case Study 1

    Enhancing Financial Management for an IT Contractor



    Raju Nalanda


    IT Contractor


    Navigating complex tax laws, managing irregular income, and maximising take-home pay.


    Raju Nalanda sought a reliable financial partner to streamline his tax management, ensure compliance, and enhance his earnings as an IT contractor.

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    Initial Consultation

    Intax Contracting performed a thorough examination of Raju’s contracting profile, gaining an understanding of his individual demands and financial objectives.
    Tailored Financial Strategy: A personalised financial strategy concentrating on tax efficiency and income maximisation was established.

    Solution Implementation

    Because of its flexibility and tax advantages, Raju picked the ‘Personal Limited Company’ form.

    Ongoing Support

    Raju received regular updates and continual assistance, bringing him up to date on the latest tax legislation and financial plans.


    Increased Take-Home Pay

    Raju’s net income increased significantly as a result of better tax planning and spending management.

    Raju’s financial administration was streamlined because to Intax Contracting’s expertise, giving him more time to focus on his IT initiatives.

    Tax Compliance

    Ensured that all Irish tax regulations were followed, avoiding any legal complications and penalties.

    Improved Financial Security

    Raju was able to manage his erratic income well, maintaining financial stability throughout his contracting career.

    Grow buisness


    Raju’s collaboration with Intax Contracting revolutionised his financial management approach as an IT contractor. Intax’s customised solutions not only simplified his tax matters, but also increased his revenues and ensured compliance, resulting in a more profitable and stress-free contracting job.

    Case Study 2

    An IT Contractor's Journey Through Cross-Border Financial Management



    Madhav Narayan


    IT Contractor


    United Kingdom Work




    Navigating complex tax laws, managing irregular income, and maximising take-home pay.


    Madhav Narayan sought a reliable financial partner to streamline his tax management, ensure compliance, and enhance his earnings as an IT contractor.



    Comprehensive Assessment

    To develop a customised financial plan, Intax Contracting assessed Madhav’s employment status, type of work, and potential cross-border tax consequences.

    Customisation of the Solution

    A custom solution including both UK and Irish tax regulations was created due to the intricacy of operating across two tax countries.

    Implementation of Structured firm

    Using local incentives and double taxation agreements, Madhav’s UK-registered firm was established to function legally within Irish tax systems.

    Continuous Advisory

    Constant guidance and updates on evolving tax legislation, agreements, and tactics in the UK and Ireland.


    Tax Position Optimisation

    Madhav profited from a setup that reduced his tax obligations and increased his access to legal relief in both nations.

    Seamless Financial Operations

    Tax filings, income repatriation, and cross-border payment complexity were made simple and effectively managed.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Maintained compliance with Irish and UK tax regulations, minimising the possibility of fines and other legal entanglements

    Increased Income and Savings

    Madhav’s take-home pay and savings increased as a result of his careful financial planning, which increased his financial security and opened him more investment options.


    Final Thoughts

    Madhav’s partnership with Intax Contracting made working and handling funds across two nations more easier. In addition to streamlining his tax and financial management, the specialised, cross-border financial strategy increased his overall revenue and spurred his growth as an IT contractor. Madhav’s continued success in the fast-paced world of IT contracting is ensured by the individualised support and knowledgeable guidance he receives from Intax Contracting.


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    Intax Contracting specialises in tax and financial solutions built exclusively for IT contractors. Our knowledge of the IT industry enables us to provide personalised, efficient services that recognise the unique demands and benefits of IT contracting.

    The Umbrella PAYE solution, which acts as a middleman between the contractor and their clients, is a simple way for contractors to manage taxes and payroll. It’s perfect for those new to contracting or on short-term contracts, since it allows for simple setup, the maintenance of PAYE tax credits, and access to our web portals.

    Contractors can maximise their financial freedom and tax efficiency by using a Personal Limited Company. Tax savings of up to 52% on pension contributions, Class S PRSI, the option to claim tax relief on business expenses, and the freedom to establish and manage your professional brand and assets are all advantages.

    Yes, we provide a rapid and free setup for all of our contracting solutions, including company formation for individuals opting for the Personal Limited Company path. This covers incorporation, bank account registration, and immediate access to our contractor management websites.

    For personalised service, Intax Contracting offers premium support with a dedicated Account Manager. We also provide frequent updates on tax regulations and contractual trends, as well as access to a network of IT professionals and a full range of financial services like as invoicing, payroll, and tax administration. Our customer care team is always available to answer your questions.

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