Intax Contracting


Earn additional income from your contacts.

€300 for each new client you introduce to us.

We are registered tax agents, and specialise in tax services for contractors and consultants. We help in managing invoicing and expenses, and also provide assistance with mortgages and pensions.


We are seeking introductions, from recruiters like yourself, to contractors & consultants, who may need our assistance and services. If one of your introductions becomes a client, we will reward you with €300, after a three month period.


Register your interest, in the form below, and we will get in touch with you.

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    Step 1

    Send us details of your contact or pass on our details.


    Step 2

    We get in touch or the contact gets in touch.


    Step 3

    They sign up to become a client.


    Step 4

    After 3 months of being a client, we give you a referral fee of €300.