Intax Contracting


Earn new revenue from your candidate database!

You can earn a referral fee of €300 for each new client you introduce to us.

We are registered tax agents, and specialise in tax services for contractors and consultants. We help in managing invoicing, payroll, expenses and also provide assistance with mortgages and pensions.

We are looking to partner with companies, like yours, to leverage your candidate database to identify & contact prospective referrals. For each new client referred we will pay a referral fee.

The method of approach will be on your terms, whether through an email or call campaign or some other means. We will provide the templates and resources to make it easy for you to systematically run the campaign.

If you are interested, meet with us, to discuss this potential collaboration in detail and a referral structure that suits. Fill in the form below and we will reach out to you to arrange a meeting.

Looking forward to our partnership!

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    How it Works


    Step 1

    Send us details of your contact or pass on our details.


    Step 2

    We get in touch or the contact gets in touch.


    Step 3

    They sign up to become a client.


    Step 4

    After 3 months of being a client, we give you a referral fee of €300.